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Forte’s model is a new form of advisory services, customized to innovator's needs. Each engagement is tailored to the company's stage and capitalization, so we are accessible and aligned with business outcomes. 

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The challenges of creating a strong board of independent directors can be daunting. Not only is it time consuming, but most companies are forced to find individual Board Members at various points in their journey to help them with specific strategic problems. In the early stages, a company may need help with regulatory strategy and therefore brings on a board member to help them navigate this aspect of their journey. If they can’t find or attract the right person, they hire a consultant. This process repeats itself throughout a company’s life cycle.  

With Forte, one partner typically sits on the board as an independent director, but all three partners weigh in on the strategic problems representing the company. In this way, the company gets the benefit of three independent board members for with a very diverse set of experiences. In addition, as a member of the board, Forte’s partners will introduce the company to their network of subject matter experts and resources to augment and supplement their expertise.

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Forte aligns with VC and PE to bring their experience to help these firms across a wide range of solutions including thesis development, pressure testing, game-board development, target identification, and confirmatory diligence. In addition, through these processes, Forte and the VC and PE firm align on strategy, so that if entry into new industries occur and/or deals are consummated, Forte is well positioned to serve on the Board of the acquired companies. Lastly, through Forte’s work with Founders, we can be a conduit to provide these VC and PE firms earlier access to these transformational companies.

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Forte is unlike traditional consultants who work on a specific problem for a limited period. We are a sustained, capital-efficient, value partner designed to engage throughout a business’s journey to help it achieve its strategic business & financial objectives. A typical Forte engagement is several years in length, bringing an emerging company uninterrupted, first-hand experience, connections and market-tested expertise throughout its evolutionary journey.

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With first hand healthcare expertise, Forte supplements both the Board and Executive team in navigating specific strategic challenges, honing the business model and developing a robust go-to-market operation. Each of the Forte partners will engage as necessary to plan and execute agreed-upon priorities.

The Forte Difference

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Our compensation is aligned with the long-term goals of a Company. In fact, we are compensated similar to how an organization would remunerate a board member – through an annual retainer and equity.  However, our fee structure is stage dependent and scaled to a Company’s needs within their particular stage of growth and life cycle. Bottom line, our engagement model and reward are aligned with yours; ensuring Companies and their investors reach their goals

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We invest capital in select companies to propel advancement to key milestones. In addition, a core benefit of engaging with Forte is the ability to leverage our expansive network of investors including financial and strategic sources to secure funding. We help companies source and structure capital raises, advising the negotiations to build long-term value for the company. 

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